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“Happy New Years”


Thank You all for subscribing! “You will be Amazed before you are half way through” please read this whole page. Book Mark this page. as it may change a bit

I’m sure most of you are here to see how you can receive our offer of 100’s of AA Speaker Tapes that you won’t find on the internet! These are all tapes that I can’t post or sell as they are all copyrighted. But I was told I can burn them and give them away to friends. So here is the deal…

First you must subscribe to our YouTube Channel if you haven’t already. It’s click this image on any page… YTSUB

  1. Listen to your favorite AA Speaker or Step Study tapes on this website just like you normally would… than share with others what you thought of it by posting a comment on the bottom of that page. This is important as, as I approve your Comment I will be keeping track of how many you have done. No cheating! You must play entire the tape, an yes I can tell if you didn’t. 🙂
  2. Than from the YouTube screen of the tape you just listened to “press the Watch on button in the lower right hand corner”refer to picture below
  3. youtpic
  4. When there either like or dislike if that’s how you feel and post a comment there!
  5. Once you reach 40 views I will email you and give everyone of you who subscribed the opportunity to receive the 4 GB USB pictured above or receive the 250+ AA Speaker Tape give away as a ZIP file. I will email each of you once you reached “20 views 1/2 of the way”  and of course when you hit 40 !
  6. You must do 40 different tapes. I will post a new selection on the PICK OF THE DAY which you can find on the home page.
  7. Also if you leave a testimonial I will count that as one CLICK HERE

That’s it… Here’s a few easy short videos to get started

You can also help by using the social icons on the right of each page and share with your AA Friends or from the share button on the YouTube Channel.

Thanks to all, I hope this helps in your recovery!



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