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7 comments on “NA Speaker Tapes
  1. Terry M. says:

    is it possible to get these in a speaker tapes in a format that I can download to my mobile device like mp3 format?

  2. Thoughts Narcotics Anonymous 12-step Fellowship was anonymous why is it on the world wide web. Someone getting the proceeds. YouTube hope to go and other entities. 29 year member I’m embarrassed would be a part of this shit.

    • Ed T. says:

      To carry the message my friend… So John S. could be anyone of 1.000.000 people in the world… Is that anonymous enough… Some people choose to use there full name in their shares but that’s a personal preference.

  3. Tina R. says:

    From my experience… When I came back from a relapse being able to access these speaker tapes online saved my life! I’ve been in the program for 15 years, and I’m familiar with traditions. I don’t feel any are being broken here. There’s no promotion. No one is asking for $, and last names are not published. To anyone who has a problem with it they should get off their high self righteous horse. If whoever created this you tube forum is benefiting financially from this its none of my business. Maybe they’re donating the proceeds. That’s between them, their HP, and their sponsor. It’s not about them. I don’t choose where my help comes from. This has helped me, and I’m sure countless others. Isn’t that what it’s about?

    • Bea says:

      The speaker tapes helped saving my life. When coming back from a relapse.
      Thank Hos for this speaker tapes at evening and night when couldn’t sleep. “Just for tonight” 😉

  4. Lynda says:

    Thank God for this website… Listening to CDs online… Is a benefit to recovery addicts who can’t make a meeting:
    like addicts suffering with terminal illness, long-distance truck drivers who can’t get to a meeting or addicts who live in remote areas and can’t attend meetings on a regular basis….as a result, they can listen to the CDs to connect to the Spirit of Recovery…

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