Joe and Charlie’s More about Alcoholism

AA Speakers Joe and Charlie cover the chapter More about Alcoholism from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous in a way no one else can.

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3 comments on “Joe and Charlie’s More about Alcoholism
  1. jay says:

    On listening to joe and Charlie, the book is making sense,facts and truth,no frothy emotional appeal, and no of that easy does it nonsense, my drinking was never easy does it. God bless Joe and Charlie. Thanks from a grateful recovered alcoholic

  2. Mary Thomas says:

    Good to hear. M husband and I are administrators and ministers at The Salvatin Army Flint Adult Rehabilitation Center. I am learning more about addictions as we strive to work with our men at the center. Praying for you all as you work on recovery. Thanks for sharing these messages so we can learn and share them with our men.

  3. Bryan says:

    Good stuff!

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