Joe and Charlie Big Book Study Tapes

One of my favorites Is Joe and Charlie, Their Big Book Study is used by thousand, and every tape below is well done! On this page you can watch this video which has all the Joe and Charlie Tapes in one sitting, or you can scroll down and listen to their individual tapes.

Here is a list of all there tapes.


Joe¬† and Charlie¬† met in 1973. They instantly discovered their mutual fascinations with AA’s basic textbook, Alcoholics Anonymous commonly called “The Big Book”. What interested them mostly was that The Big Book was written a particular sequence to convey certain ideas. That interest became close friendship, which has lasted over 20 years. In the past 20 years, an estimated 200,000 members of various 12 step programs have experienced the spiritual benefits of this collective seminar.

This seminar struck a deep chord within the AA members … for the reaffirmation of “this message” as written April 1939 with the publication of the first edition of Alcoholics Anonymous. Big Book Studies presented by Joe & Charlie have been given in all 50 states as well as most Canadian provinces in addition to Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Holland. Joe & Charlie have been invited to take the Big Book Study toIceland in August of 1998. In between they show us how simple and uncomplicated it can be to complete a Fourth Step Inventory, as well as allowing us to hear the experience, strength, and hope that they have been fortunate to enjoy in many, many years of spiritual sobriety. They both showed all of us that It works – It really works ! All we have to do is follow the directions given to us by the first 68 members of AA who spent time with Bill Wilson and gave the world Alcoholics Anonymous (Big Book) in 1939.


3 comments on “Joe and Charlie Big Book Study Tapes
  1. gail sevier says:

    Joe and Charlie’s BB Study changed my recovery from mediocre to a profound spiritual journey that gets better and better for the last 31 years.

  2. sharon hager says:

    They saved my life

  3. dawn b says:

    I love joe and charlie

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