Added in March 2014

You can search for your favorite speaker from the search box on any page, on this page we will list all the AA Speaker Tapes in the order they have been added.

Chris R.
Father Vaughn Q.
Jack W. Sobriety date 4-29-1964
James D.
Sharon B.
Debbie C. Sobriety date 5-9-1982
Sheila A. Sobriety date 12-15-1984
Derek F.
James M.
Robert H. 3-7-1995
Diane C.
Cindy F.
Sherrie R. from Portland, TX
Dick G.
Don C.
Ernie M.
Father Ralph P.
George B.
Jerome S.
Shirley T. Sobriety date 7-29-1982
Sister Bea
Jerry J. from Dallas, TX
Keith C. Sobriety date 7-2-1967
Norma M.
Jerry L.
Joe A. at Eureka, AR
Don G. at Kansas City
Sonny C.
Jerry M. Sobriety date 2-5-1970
Joe G. Sobriety date 8-28-1988
Clara S.
Eva S
Roger O’D
Joe N. from Madison, AL
Giuseppe D.
Tom L.
Don N.
Wayne B. Sobriety date 11-8-1977
Jill S. Sobriety date 4-24-1986
Helen H. Sobriety date 1981
Joe R. Sobriety date 1981
Holly M. from Anarbor

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