Added in January 2014

You can search for your favorite speaker from the search box on any page, on this page we will list all the AA Speaker Tapes in the order they have been added.

Jeff W. one of the original 100
Adam A. from Tannersville, PA
Cookie S. from Edina, MN
Dan P. Glasshouse Group
Chuck C. oldie but a goodie
Dave H. Man to Man Conference
Chuck S. from Cary, NC
Chris R. from Ingram, TX  14 different speaker tapes
Cindy M. Cleveland Ohio
Cindy M. from Dallas
Daniel E. from Benton, Arizona
Danny B. from Austin, Texas
Danny S. from Cape Cod, MA
Chris R. St. John’s University
Daryl C from Toledo, Ohio
“Blind” Dave A. steps 1, 2 and 3
“Blind” Dave A. Mark Houston Recovery Center
Dave B. from Saco, ME
Dave C. from Raleigh, NC
Dave D. from Serverna Park, MD
Dave M. from Painsville, OH
Dave P. from Elkton, MD
Dave P. from Elkton, MD Barnagate
Dave W. from Fair Oaks, CA
David A. from Texas
David B. from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
David C. from Davis, CA
David K. from Anchorage, Alaska
David K. from Plymouth, UK
David L. from Holly Springs, NC
David L.from Fayatville, NC
David M. from Bear, DE
Davis N. from Minneapolis, MN
Jerome S. from Corona CA
Ed M. from Davenport, IA
Jerry B. from Houston, TX
Ed M. from Davenport, IA Founder’s Day
Jerry J. from Dallas, Texas London Conference
Jerry J. from Dallas, Texas Rocky Point Roundup
Jerry M. from Naples Florida
Jill R. from Indianapolis, IN
Jim B. from San Diego, CA
Charlie P. founders of the Joe and Charlie BB Study
Jim B. from Chatham, NJ
Jim G. from Jamestown, ND
Jim S. from Indianapolis, IN
Jim S. from Laguna Hills, CA
Jim W. from Alledo Texas
Jimi Z from Omaha, NE
Jimmy D. from Dallas TX
Jimmy W. from Ft. Worth, Texas
Joanne C. from Dallas, Texas
Joby N. from Madison, Alabama
Joe “Windoes” D from Woodstock, Illinois
Joe G. from Pearland, Texas
Joe H. from Santa Monica, CA
Perry W. from San Jose, CA
Pete W. from Toronto, Canada
Peter G. from Raleigh, NC
Peter M. from Boca Raton, FL
Phyllis H. from New York, NY
Sonja N. from Rogue River, Oregon
Stan G. from Houston, Texas
Tim M. at Wayne County Convention
Tim S. at the Select Speaker Meeting
Tim T. from Cleveland, OH
Tim W. from Santa Barbara, CA
Todd M. Cork-N-Bottle
Tom B. Jr.Emotional Sobriety
Tom B. Jr from Charlotte, NC
Tom F. and Clancy I. Sponsorship Group’s
Tom F. “Love and Service”
Tom F. from Baltimore
Polly P. and James L. “The Family Afterward”
Rachel L. from Bakersfield
Ralf S. from Münich
Ralph P. from the 50′s
Ralph W. at LaHacienda
Raul C. from Waco,
Ray M.
Ray O. History of AA and the 12 steps 4 Tapes
Jack B. from San Diego
Jack B. from New York
Cahuenga B.
Sandy B
Val S.
Karen G.
Karl K.
Adam R. YPAA
Nels K.
Otto K. 6/22/1968
Earl F
Francine W.
Harold G. Sobriety Date 2/1970


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