Added in Febuary 2014

You can search for your favorite speaker from the search box on any page, on this page we will list all the AA Speaker Tapes in the order they have been added.

Gary M. Sponsorship
Carlston F. Sobriety Date 1/14/85
Dal P. AA History and the Big Book
Dan D.
Patrick W. 2/15/1966
Patti L. from Chicago
Scott B. 5/23/89
Scott R. from Van Nuys
Taylor M. 5/30/89
Ted S.
Teresa T.
Jack K. at Laguna
Jack P
Father Joe Martin
Harry H.
Hector E.
Eddie L. 9-3-1962
Niel B.
Ralph B.
Ralph W. Sobriety Date 10-11-1986
Adam T.
Bea M.
Ben W. Sobriety Date 12-12-1970
Bernie M.
Patty O.
Paul K.
Pearl N.
Ray M. Sobriety Date 5-1-1980
Ray M.S.
L.Edward W
Lanny T.
Larry A. from Louisville
Mac C. Sobriety Date 3-12-1956
Mac F.
Dana W.
David B. at Tulsa
Dave C. Sobriety Date 9-12-1957
Cathy L.
Cecil C.
Charles D.
Karl M.
Kathy M.
Madalyn B. Sobriety Date 3-25-1981
Malachy McC
Mari G.
Adele D.
Clancy I. from Venice Beach, CA
Ted H. from Vancouver, WA
Al M
Al W
Scott T
Scotty M. from Scotland
Terry B. Sobriety date 5-9-1981
Terry F. from Portland MN
Eric C & Stevie Ray Vaughn
Gavin G.
Gay H. Sobriety date 10-23-1985
Father Larry K.
Ilene W. Sobriety date 3-3-1975
Valerie J. at the Tri State Round-up
Ray O.K
Ray V. Sobriety date 7-20-1971
Bev C.
Dave D
Dave F.
Charles P.
Larry D.
Larry G.
Seamus O’C
Terry R
Charles P. AA History
Dave H.
Sean A.
Searcy W. Sobriety date 5-10-1946
Tim B. Sobriety date 9-19-1989
David A. Sobriety date 4-20-1967
Charlie Y.
Peggy M. Sobriety date 2-4-1964
David L. at Seaside
Cherry C. from Nashville
Gene D. from Calistoga, CA
Father Leo B. from England
Serenity Sam
Todd J. Sobriety date 5-25-1989
DD L. Sobriety date 2-10-1986
Chester M. Sobriety date 7-23-1977
Riley L.


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