AA Big Book There Is A Solution

One can listen to the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book “There Is A Solution” Above. Or pick from a different Chapter below or one of the many favorite parts we have singled out below like Page 86 & 87, the 3rd & 7th Step Prayers, How it Works and more! These are all from the 1st edition of the Big Book as it has no Copyright Although nothing has change except for a couple words and the page numbers. Enjoy!
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    1. Forward
    2. The Doctor’s Opinion
    3. Bill’s Story
    4. There Is A Solution
    5. More About Alcoholism
    6. We Agnostics
    7. How It Works
    8. Into Action
    9. Working with Others
    10. To the Wives
    11. The Family Afterward
    12. To the Employers
    13. A Vision for You
    14. Pages 86 & 87
    15. 3rd & 7th Step Prayers


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