A New Pair of Glasses Tape 1of 6

Chuck C. from Laguna Beach, CA doing his workshop “A New Pair of Glasses” at the Pala Mesa Retreat – 1975 Tape 1 of 6
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2 comments on “A New Pair of Glasses Tape 1of 6
  1. Sharon says:

    I’ve been given a brand new life in just four months. I’m making the meetings, I’m working the steps and miracles are happening in my life. I listen to these tapes every night and I’m learning, learning, learning. Thank you so much for making them freely available.

  2. Bill Jordan says:

    I am very grateful to those who have taken the time to provide
    the speaker tapes. For most of this year I have been unable to get to meetings – I have been house bound due to ill health. My
    Fellowship friends were faithful as they often visited, emailed and phoned me. I have kept up my daily spiritual exercises and spent a lot of time listening to AA Speaker’s Tapes.

    It pleases me to relate that I am now able to attend four meetings a week Thanks to the generosity of my friends who take me to and from meetings by car. Keep on providing the spiritual nourishment that so many of us are in need of.
    Shalom Bill

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